This Year, I have learned a lot about math. Although I have found some things challenging. Keeping up with my work when I was absent was a problem I had. At one point I had been absent and had not checked my homework. I had 13 pages to do and even more to check! I got it done just in time.

I have been able to overcome these problems though by staying after class. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I had time to stay and check. At first I had a lot to check. But luckily I was able to catch up. I have kept staying after class to check my work if I was absent. I hope that i don't have that much to do again!

I am very proud of how well I have been doing on my work. I am getting mostly A's on tests. I am doing very good altogether in math. I aced my most recent test. I hope I get the same score next time.

My personal goal is to try to remember to get corrections and signature. That is something I am not too good at. I keep getting it done but late. Luckily I get other stuff in. I hope I can keep up all of my good work.