At first I thought everything that was new was challenging. The speed. The tests. And the mixed quizzes. But the most challenging thing was the million dollar project.

I have had to adapt a lot. Now the tests are easy. The speed is easy. The mixed quizzes are easy. But most of all if I had to do the million dollar project again it would be easy.

I am most proud of the million dollar project. It was the hardest project we did this year. It is the only project we did this year. The 2nd hardest thing was adapting to the speed. The 3rd hardest thing was memorizing all the new stuff.

My personal goal this year is getting into 7/8 math. I will have to be more responsible. Memorize a little more. Get to know Technology better. And last but not least I will have to learn how to use Prezi.

Problem's book problem:
The hexagons:
The picture:
The problem:Oh brother! Mrs.Bather, is lecturing on the weather patterns in the arctic. YAWN! YAWN! to keep myself awake, I start doodling. I drew a lot of hexagons how many dots did I have by the time I got to the 50ith hexagon?
Answer (you decide!):
My partner (Jack) and I's Million dollar project
A problem that I memozed the answer for: